Graffiti ‘Artist’ Gives Gift Of Unwanted Street Art In Multiple Locations

Dexter Area Washtenaw County Sheriff
Dexter Area Washtenaw County Sheriff

A graffiti artist decided to impose his or her will upon the property of others and force those in the Dexter area to have to look at spray-point drawings that nobody asked for.

On Sept. 3 this individual or individuals spray-painted a small bridge, some street signs, and some cement blocks near Bell Road and West Huron River Drive in Dexter. The art consisted of “undiscernable” shapes done up in various colors, according to Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Deputies added that the targeted objects were in a dead-end area with little traffic. There are currently no leads on a suspect, but officers believe it was not a vindictive act.

On Thursday, Aug. 31, at the 7800 block of Kookaburra Ct., another act of vandalism was reported when a Dexter resident woke up to find his driver’s side rear tire slashed. The victim’s vehicle was parked in front of his apartment complex. It didn’t take long for authorities to identify the culprit as he and the victim have a history of feuding. The two however, came to an agreement in terms of reimbursement so as of publish, no further prosecution is being sought.

Additionally, two incidents of domestic assault occurred in Dexter.

The only damage sustained in the first incident was a broken car mirror. No one suffered physical injuries resulting from the assault. A 27-year-old male from Dexter is the suspect in this event that transpired on August 29 at approximately 9:15 p.m., within the 7600 block of Cottonwood Ln. He was not arrested.

Two days later, the second assault occurred at the 8000 block of Forest St. around 9:40 a.m. No injuries were suffered and no arrest has been made in this incident where a 24-year-old female from Dexter is the sole suspect. The case is now in the hands of Washtenaw County Prosecutor for further review, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

At 1:20 p.m. at Eastbound 1-94 and Zeeb Rd., a 55-year-old female from Coldwater was found driving under the influence. Fortunately, no accident or injuries resulted from this driver’s unruly state, just a traffic stop. Officers pulled the driver over, confirmed her state with a field sobriety test and transported her to the Washtenaw County Jail.

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