Dexter football takes on concussions head on

The Dexter football program continues to take health and the well-being of its players seriously.

The team recently partnered with The Sports Neurology Clinic (TSNC) – the leader in athlete brain health. This partnership provides expedited access to TSNC and ensures a continuum of concussion care, if an injury should occur.

TSNC believes in a personalized and comprehensive approach to long-standing athlete brain health and offers Neurological Pre-Participation Evaluations (Neuro PPE’s) rather than simple “baseline testing.” Neuro PPE’s should be completed pre-season (pre-injury) and provide information for comparison if an injury occurs.

This information is also helpful in tracking an athlete’s brain health throughout their athletic career and beyond.
The team from The Sports Neurology Clinic was in Dexter on July 26-27 for a free Neuro PPE 1.0 evaluation.

The evaluation includes: 1. Cognitive Evaluation – written 2. Neurological History – questionnaire 3.
Neurological Exam – by sports neurologist.

The Sports Neurology Clinic recommends a more in-depth evaluation (Neuro PPE 2.0) if an athlete has a history of one or more of the following: concerning concussion in the past, migraine headaches, ADHD anxiety, depression and other neurological disorder.

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  • Good stuff…hope other sports programs like soccer, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, etc. where able to take advantage of this opportunity. There is a common misconception that football is the main source of concussions, but statistics say otherwise.

    Definition of a Concussion. Concussion is a serious brain injury that can occur in both non-contact and contact sports. This injury results from the rapid translational (linear front-to-back, side-to-side) or rotational (angular) movement of the multi-lobular brain within the skull.

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